Esolids Inc. - Makers of the Model 69 Universal Peening

The Model 69 Universal Peening Tool is a pneumatic tool that re-conditions punch and die assemblies quickly and easily!
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The Model 69 Universal Peening Tool is a hand-held, pneumatic peening tool used to re-condition punch and die assemblies that are used in the manufacturing of paper, plastic, or thin-sheet metal parts (blanks). This revotutionary peening tool allows you to re-condition punch and dies without taking them off the press! Tool maintenance reduced to minutes!! Anywhere a man's (or woman's) clenched fist will fit, this tool will go! Unique tracer allows operater to peen without seeing the punch or die. The Model 69 Universal Peening Tool is shaped and dimensioned to deliver 6,000 blows per minute causing the steel to flow in the correct manner and form. Easy to use and counter balanced to reduce vibration and produce a smooth peened surface. The tool quickly converts to 3 different assemblies to peen on or off your press.
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